Let this page serve as a resource for you as you begin your home project or renovation. From design to build to install, it's all covered. So what are you waiting for? Learn more below.

Design Phase:

  • Granite-Being a natural stone, color, shade, veining and other variances may occur from your sample and from slab to slab. Slabs may have natural pitting or fissures. 
  • Marble- Stone will etch and scratch easier than harder materials such as Granites.
  • Quartz-Being a man-made product, color, shade, and other variances may differ slightly from your sample and from slab to slab. Materials are NOT heat-resistant. They can crack.  
  • Quartzite-Natural stone is porous and will require a Stone Sealer to reduce liquids from soaking into the stone. Seal annually. Natural fissures and pitting are common.  
  • Honed, Leathered, Satin Materials- Variances in the stone are more noticeable with these types of materials. Fingerprints, water spots, etc. may be more noticeable. 
  • Delivery-All sinks must be on the jobsite at the time of Template. 
  • Under-mount-Sink reveals are typically ¼” unless otherwise noted.  
  • Universal/ Top-mount-Need to specify how you want the sink mounted. 
  • Farm-Sink-Need to be set in the exact final location before we will Template. 
  • Vessel Sink- Need to specify sink and faucet hole placement/ configuration. 
  • Composite, Porcelain, Cast Iron can be used also. 
  • Accessories- Cutting board accommodations need to be detailed before Template.
  • Standard 4”-Countertops will be notched for ease of installation. No changes to Tile or No Splash after Template.  
  • Full-Height- Upper cabinets and Hood must be installed before we can Template. 
  • Tile- We do not caulk where tile is going. Please specify if sidewalls are to be tiled. 
  • No Splash- We will do a basic white or translucent caulk. No colored caulk options.
  • Cooktops/ Stoves/ FSR need to be onsite during Template so we can ensure proper fit and cutouts.
  • Overhangs can not exceed 12” without additional support. Our standard overhangs are approximately 1 ½” on the cabinet fronts and 1” on cabinet end panels unless otherwise specified.
  • Bump-outs are a custom feature that need to be discussed and approved in writing with your Salesperson.
  • Window Sills that  hang over into the counter space more than 1” can conflict with the placement of your faucet. This will also dictate how big of a sink you will be able to use so everything can function as needed.
  • Fireplaces/ BBQ areas can only be done in natural stone. Outside areas need to be heated to 60* for setting material to cure properly. 

Build Phase:

  • Cabinets should be securely fastened to the walls and floors. Including all end panels, corbels and other supports.
  • All sinks need to be on-site so we can ensure the sink will fit in the overall design of your space.
  • We will come out and measure your countertops and create a digitized version of your project to build off of. Cabinets, panels, and sinks can NOT move after Template.
  • Coloring -RockTops will try to hide the seams as best we can, however with certain colors (Very white or Dark materials) it will be more noticeable than other colors. The seam will NOT be invisible. You will see it and be able to feel it.   
  • Heavy Vein Flow- RockTops will try to program your job to maximize the natural beauty of veining. However, not all seams or mitered edges will have veins that line up perfectly as veins are not uniform in shape, direction, or size. 
  • Placement -RockTops reserves the right to place seams where we can maximize slab usage; often NOT being in the center of your island or sinks.  
  • Pits/ Chips/ Fissures are natural characteristics in Granite, Quartzites, and Marbles. It is common to strengthen the integrity of the stone by filling these with an epoxy or resin. This should not be viewed as defective workmanship. Pitting/ Chips can occur as crystals and other minerals separate during fabrication. They also can be fixed using epoxy or resin fill.

Install Phase:

  • Rocktops tear-out- Stone, Tile, Solid Surface can be removed.  There may be incidental damage as we don’t know how your current tops were installed and how it will come out.  We try to be as careful as possible, but sometimes walls are scuffed and areas will get dusty. 
  • Home-Owner tear-out- Make sure your cabinets are level and all cleats and supports are securely installed.
  • Please ensure other trades will not be conflicting with our Installers carrying Stone from their truck to your project. We should be able to have a clear walkway free of mud, wet cement, and snow. 
  • Plumbing Disconnections need to be done before we arrive to tearout your old countertops.  RockTops does not connect or disconnect plumbing. 
  • Cleaning & Maintenance- Do NOT use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners/pads. Best to use warm soapy water. See Manufacturer's recommendations for more details.
  • Thank you for letting us be a part of your project. We hope you love and enjoy your new countertops. Please refer us to your friends and family.