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Rock Tops uses a new, laser precision, water jet saw in the construction of our premium quartz and granite countertops. We are the only countertop supplier in Utah County who uses this amazing technology. Rock Tops provides builders, contractors, and private homeowners with quality products and expert service. Our team of experienced countertop professional offer sound advice, recommendation, and creative ideas to our customers.

At Rock Tops. We’re committed to helping builders, re-modelers, and even those dealing with minor repairs. No matter the size of the project, we’re at your service. Our brand name countertops and sinks are available at affordable prices. We look forward to helping you complete your project. Contact Us to let us know how.

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FUSION® CNC SawJet Series

High-speed CNC saw meets precision waterjet for maximum productivity.

The Ultimate Blend of Productivity

The FUSION® maximizes cutting time by using a CNC saw for straight cuts, then switches to a precision waterjet for tight angles. This powerful sawing station saws 3 times faster than conventional bridge saws, reducing your costs and increasing your capacity. The FUSION's Saw & Waterjet combination matched with its tilt table, iTEC interface, and more offer the ultimate blend of productivity.

FUSION® CNC SawJet | The Ultimate Blend of Productivity 

Ideal Surfaces | Hypertherm® HyPrecision Waterjet Value

FUSION® | Hypertherm® HyPrecision Waterjet System

TITAN® CNC Router Series

A Mighty Reign To Production

The TITAN® of the Stone Router World

The TITAN® CNC Router lets you route, shape, and polish stone while delivering lower costs and maximum uptime. But what truly sets the TITAN® apart is what it does for your bottom line. With faster machine movements you’ll get more work done.

TITAN® CNC Router | MIGHTY Stone Countertop Production 

TITAN® CNC Router | 2700 Model