The Top 5 Reasons to Choose Granite for Your Countertops

Granite is considered to be one of the “timeless” countertop options, for good reason. It does not appear that granite is going out of style anytime soon. It’s hard to narrow down, but here is our list of some of the top reasons that you should use granite for your countertops. 

Granite is a Stunning and Diverse Natural Stone

From swirling golds, to deep blacks, and everything in-between, granite is incredibly diverse and beautiful. No two slabs are the exact same, which is appealing to many people. The natural formations and textures make granite unlike anything else.

Granite is an Investment

Countertops are the center point of the space that they are in, and they will make or break a space. When selling your home they can greatly increase not only real, but also perceived value. Kitchens sell homes, as they say.

Granite is Very Usable

Setting a hot curling iron directly on the countertop? Dropped something on the counter? Not a problem, thanks to granite. Granite is one of the strongest natural materials available, and can be worked on within reason. 

Granite is Not Hard to Maintain

Some people hear that granite is porous and get turned off, scared that stains and etching will ruin their investment. The reality is that with minor maintenance, you can keep your countertops looking pristine for years to come. 

Granite Can Modernize Your Space

Sometimes it doesn’t take a full kitchen re-do to revitalize your home, it can be as simple as new countertops. With the diversity of granite, chances are that you will be able to find a color that accentuates your space beautifully and breathes new life into it, without the trouble and expense of a complete remodel. 

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind countertop material that has been king of countertops for decades before, and will be for decades to come, look no further than granite. Granite countertops have become incredibly affordable, and with how long they last versus other materials such as laminate, the long-term choice is very clear. Visit a showroom such as ours to talk to our extremely kind and knowledgeable sales staff. Please be aware that we are currently by appointment only, so be sure to call in advance to get scheduled.